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Ghost Box... The ghost box which also goes by other names such as "Franks Box" and "Shack hack" is a device that utilizes a radio tuner with an automated search feature. In plain terms, it is a radio that continually scrolls through all available radio frequencies. It can scroll both am and fm channels. The interval of time and speed at which it scrolls on some models can be changed.

The point of this device is to possible give an entity the ability to manipulate the frequencies to create response to questions that are posed. A good way to think about it is sort of like the character "BumbleBee" in the transformers movie and how he uses words from different radio stations to create the words he wants to convey. With that being said, it isn't that precise when used. Mostly, what will be heard is possibly just a one word response. It has been witnessed that at times a string of words can be construed and that they can be heard over the radio static giving listener the idea that it is controlled by an intelligent energy.

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We are very serious about what we do. We are committed to the further understanding of things that yet cannot be explained. We also pride ourselves on helping and educating others who have found that they have many questions and don't know where to turn, or even the new investigator who always wondered how and why things are done.